Catoosa Citizens for Literacy

The Catoosa Citizens for Literacy located in 9,100 square foot Learning Center offers free day and evening general education development (GED© ) classes and provides free on-site childcare and free transportation to and from classes for residents in Catoosa County. In addition, college scholarships are available to assist students who have received their GED©.
The Catoosa Citizens for Literacy offers a reading program for those unable to read or who read at low-grade levels. Tutors work privately or in small group settings with students. The program is free.

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  Breaking the Cycle of Illiteracy


The Catoosa Citizens for Literacy is able to pay the $160 GED© testing fee, provide scholarships, dictionaries, and other items to assist students in Catoosa County in part from generous donations. Would you consider donating too? Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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GED© Program

GED© ( General Education Development) classes are available day and evening through Georgia Northwestern Technical College to accommodate all students over 16 years of age who have officially withdrawn from school.


One Book One Community

The Catoosa Citizens for Literacy in partnership with the Catoosa County Public Library, sponsors "One Book One Community". The program is much like a book club with everyone reading, thinking about and discussing the same story.


The Dictionary Project

Catoosa Citizens for Literacy provides free dictionaries to every 3rd grader in the Catoosa County School System.