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In 1993, when the Office of Adult Literacy certified Catoosa Citizens for Literacy as a Certified Literate Community Program, the percentages used were based on the 1990 census.  At that time, 36.2% of Catoosa County citizens had NOT completed high school and 14.3% had less than a 9th grade education.  Catoosa County had a high number of low-level readers or illiterate citizens.  Catoosa County needed to improve the quality of its existing workforce in order to reduce welfare dependency, break the cycle of illiteracy, raise household incomes, and overall improve the quality of life of each individual served.  It became very evident that the whole family, not just the adults, needed help. Because of these statistics, Catoosa Citizens for Literacy addressed the need for a Learning Center and partnered with the Pre-K program in the school system, the Family Connection program, Communities In Schools, and other local programs.  All of these programs had the same goal in mind:  Educating ALL families in Catoosa County.  Through the help of SPLOST and private and corporate donations, the Learning Center was built. 

Since that time, the 2000 census indicated a population of 35,231 twenty –five years and over, an increase from the 1990 census.  The census report also indicated that 2,667 (7.6%) have less than a 9th grade education and 5,778 (16.4%) have a 9th to 12th grade education with no diploma.  This is a percentage rate of 24%.  A 12.2% decrease. 

This is a substantial decrease, but there are still families to be reached and Catoosa Citizens for Literacy will continue working to completely eradicate illiteracy in Catoosa County. 

Our Mission
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To help all families of our community achieve life-long learning through literacy enabling them to reach their individual goals, while providing our businesses with a better-educated, productive workforce.

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Breaking the Cycle of Illiteracy 

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