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Frequently Asked GED Questions 

1.   What do I need to start GED classes?

  • You must register for and attend an orientation session.  Call 706-965-6155, ext. 7 to register.

2.  When is the next orientation?

  • The schedule varies by site.  

3.   What should I expect in orientation?

  • You will receive an overview of rules and expectations for the GED classes.

  • You will complete all required paperwork.

  • You will be given a placement test to determine your level. Lesson plans will be designed specifically for you based on the results of your test.

4.   How long does the orientation last?

  • Typically, you can plan on being in the orientation for approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours.   The time may vary.

5.   How old must I be to attend orientation?

  • You must be at least 16 years of age and be officially withdrawn from school.

6.  What should I bring with me to orientation?

  • Individuals ages 16-17 must bring a withdrawal form from the last school attended and a state issued photo ID*; if homeschooled, the parent or guardian will sign a home school waiver.

  • Individuals ages 16-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for signature on underage paperwork.  Once the paperwork is complete, the parent or guardian may leave.

  • Individuals ages 18 and above must bring a state issued photo ID*​​

       * Acceptable forms of photo identification include a valid driver's license, state identification card, military ID or              passport.

7.  How long will it take to prepare for the GED test?

  • The preparation will take a minimum of 12 hours.  The remaining time will depend on you.  Several factors  determine the amount of time it will take an individual to prepare for the GED.  The amount of time you put in to coming to class and your determination play a huge role in how long it will take to pass the test.

8.   What is the cost of the classes?

  • The classes are FREE!!

9.  How much is the GED test?

  • The GED is currently $160.  Catoosa Citizens for Literacy will pay the $160 GED testing fee for Catoosa County residents who attend GED classes at the Catoosa County Learning Center and stay enrolled in the GED classes until the GED instructors feel the individual is prepared to pass the GED test.  Students must complete orientation and score an average of 500 on the GED pre-test.

10.  Where will I take the GED test?

  • You may take the test at any authorized Pearson Vue testing center.  Most students who attend classes at the Learning Center take the GED at Georgia Northwestern Technical College's  Walker County campus in Rock Spring or Whitfield/Murray County campus.

11.  Are tutors available?

  • Yes, tutors are available.

12.  I'm not very good with computers.  Can I take the test with paper and pencil?

  • Unfortunately, the paper/pencil test is no longer available unless documentation is provided and approved for special accommodations.

13.  Will I need computer skills?

  • Yes.  However, if you do not have computer skills, the staff will assist you in obtaining the skills required to take the computer-based test.

14.  I have a special education diploma/certificate of attendance.  Can I still get a GED?

  • Yes, you can come to classes and get your GED.

15.  I have special needs, are special accommodations available?

  • Yes, if you can provide documentation of your needs, special accommodations will be made available for you.

16.  Is there a designated smoking area?

  • No.  There is no smoking allowed anywhere at the Learning Center.  The entire Benton Place Campus is tobacco-free.

17.  Can I take the GED classes online?

  • Yes, you can take GED classes online; however online seating is limited.  During your orientation, please inform the Student Services Assistant that you are interested in online classes.  He/she will provide you with the information you will need to start the online process.

18.  I do not live in Catoosa County.  Is there another classroom site?

  • Yes, there are other sites in surrounding counties.  Here are a few you may contact:

  • Rock Spring - Walker County Campus - 706-764-3679

  • Whitfield/Murray County Campus - 706-272-2909

  • Or visit

19.  I have received my GED, but cannot find my documentation.  Where can I get a copy of my diploma or transcripts?

20.  What is keeping me from getting my GED?

  • The only barrier keeping you from getting your GED is YOU!  Call today to setup your orientation! We'll see you soon!!!  

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